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Research & Insight

Informed strategy creates growth. It’s driven by discovering facts & truths about your customers, competitors and markets. It’s done by gaining insight through research.


Keep asking, listening and learning and your business will continue to grow.

Focus groups

What do your customers really

think about your business? Using clever research techniques with carefully selected participants, well run focus groups are information-rich initiatives for gathering useful feedback about your products, services, ideas and campaigns. So what do you want to know?

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What are your business decisions informed by? Targeted surveys & interviews are potent tools for gaining valuable insight about your offering. From critical feedback to purchase intentions, they’re vital for steering improvements. Do you know the best way to keep your existing customers and attract new ones?

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Do you understand your business at a one-to-one level?

In-depth interviews are often the most beneficial method for gaining insight into consumer experiences. Being face-to-face, they deliver a deeper understanding of your target market and customers. Do you really know what your customers are experiencing?

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What do your customers do? Observation research is a crucial technique for studying your target audience in their natural environment. From analysing how they browse your website to mapping their store walk route, this information is vital to your conversion success. Is your business driven by customer behaviour?

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"Deep understanding guides future success"

Focus groups

Supportive and understanding

I have worked with Chris on many projects over the past 6 years. I have always found him extremely professional, open and honest. He has always been clear and accurate with all communications, and when faced with problems he is always supportive and understanding in finding solutions. I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris for any marketing project.

Lee Jordan

Hickling & Squires

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