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Outsourced marketing that gets results

I’m Chris, a highly skilled freelance marketing professional with over two decades of B2B & B2C marketing experience. I run True Blue Marketing® to help SME businesses that want to accelerate their commercial success.

Working across multiple sectors, I use persuasive marketing tools and techniques to deliver action-driving output that gets outstanding results for your business.

If you’re struggling to find the time and resources to create the marketing that your business needs right now, then please contact me for an informal chat to discuss how I could help as your ‘go-to’ outsourced marketing expert.



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Outsourced marketing that drives business success

Great Asset

“Chris is passionate about brands, which is underpinned by a solid strategic understanding. I love his enthusiasm and positive attitude. He inspires and motivates teams. He is a great asset for any organisation looking for a professional marketer to make a tangible impact on their business.״ 

Kathryn Greenwood, Managing Director 

Eden PR

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Wealth of Experience

I've never encountered anyone as committed to branding as Chris. His passion and determination beam in his written communication, and even more so in person! He is a pleasure to work with and his wealth of experience always shines through to deliver standout marketing of the highest calibre.״

Andy Taylor,

Commercial Director 

Electric House


Abundance of Creativity

“Chris is calm professionalism personified. He is a questing soul with an abundance of creativity and flair, and his enthusiasm for innovation is infectious. To spend time in his company is to experience abundant warmth and charm, bouncing around ideas and leaving you uplifted and enriched.״

Catherine Williamson, Managing Director 

Jofish Ltd

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