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Project: Product Launch

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"The name alone opened up a world of possibility"

About Bullet

Bullet is a premium quality woodscrew brand that leads the fastener market in terms of technological advancement, with speed being the primary benefit to users. A fast screw is vital as it means that tradespeople and DIY’ers can sink more screws per battery charge with their power tools and get the job done quicker. Sold in trade outlets and DIY stores, woodscrews are a vital staple in the high volume, high purchase frequency ‘fastener’ product category.

Campaign Objectives

  • ⏵Launch the brand to the UK market with a fully integrated marcomms campaign including PR, advertising and events.

  • ⏵Create the original brand concept including the name.

  • ⏵Develop visual branding.

  • ⏵Create simple-to-reference standout packaging.

  • ⏵Produce a unique storage system for users to access Bullet screws quickly on jobs.

  • ⏵Build attention-grabbing in-store merchandising solutions.

  • ⏵Create promotional brand collateral including website, brochures, digital comms and promotional merchandise - targeting resellers and users (tradespeople & DIY’ers).


  • ⏵‘Fastest screw’ concept education.

  • ⏵Entrenched competition.

  • ⏵Reseller and user loyalty to existing brands.

  • ⏵Buy-in to new ‘never seen before’ storage system concept.


  • ⏵£5m sales generated in year 1.

  • ⏵Colour coded packaging system supplied in boxed Bullet ‘magazines’ landed well with resellers (easy stock management) and users (easy to find the right product quickly on the shelf).

  • ⏵Military-inspired theme concept created theatre that captured attention quickly and raised awareness.

  • Bullet merchandising displaced competitors in reseller stores & branches.

  • ⏵Unique buy-and-build’ Ammo Case storage system concept landed emphatically with tradespeople, with capacity (up to 19,000 screws), ease of transportation between jobs, and quick-to-find screw types being the leading features & benefits.

Supportive and understanding

I have worked with Chris on many projects over the past 6 years. I have always found him extremely professional, open and honest. He has always been clear and accurate with all communications, and when faced with problems he is always supportive and understanding in finding solutions. I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris for any marketing project.

Lee Jordan

Hickling & Squires

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