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Overcoming the ‘Home Work' to 'Home Life’ Challenge

If you're home working right now, are you finding it challenging to switch from ‘home work’ to ‘home life’ mode at the end of each day? However you do it, it’s massively important for your well-being, so it’s good to find a way to transition both your mind and body.

Switching Off Tips

What really helps according to many experts is to have a prescribed shutdown routine. Going through a set process that you’re familiar with - one that you know is the final destination to your work day ending, is much more likely to result in success.

To help you on your way here’s a handful of useful ideas to make the switch-off easier...

  • Check back on the day’s tasks that you’ve completed. You’ll be able to relax better if you know that you’ve done what you set out to do.

  • Set aside the last chunk of time in your working day to check your calendar, process your emails and draw up your task list for the next day. Once done, log off.

  • Ideally, work in a separate room in the house that you can close the door on once work’s done, i.e. a place that you designate as office space. Failing that, put your work stuff in a box that you can hide out of sight at the end of the working day.

  • Use separate devices for work and home use if you can. If that’s not possible, use a separate account for your leisure activities.

Once that you've closed off for the day it's time to get into 'you' time...

Leisure Time Ideas

Simply logging off and going for a walk seems to be the most popular approach right now for transitioning between work and home life. There might be no choice in this if you have a dog (or children!) to exercise! But what else could you do straight after switching off to ensure that you stay off? Try these top tips for starters…

  • Call a friend or a family member for a catch-up. Preferably one you like! Minimise ‘work talk’ though.

  • Listen to a podcast, music or the radio, perhaps as you prepare something nice to eat too. Be adventurous and tune into an audio recipe to cook a new dish.

  • Plan a fun activity each day as something to look forward to, ideally with those you live with to maximise your social interaction. Try playing a board game, watching a film, or baking. Multi-task several of these if you’re especially talented!

  • Do a home workout, such as yoga or a Hiit class, to shake off the stiffness of sitting at your desk all day. Then call a friend after (see above) and brag about it.

  • Relax in the bath or shower while listening to your favourite music. Make sure it’s a battery operated device though - my disclaimer extends to denying all responsibility for electrocuting yourself!

  • Go for a run and head to a local green space to enjoy the fresh air and nature if you can. Just make sure that you visibly hold your breath (hand over mouth, puff out cheeks) and give a wide birth as you run past others (personal experience - saves them scowling at you!)

  • Make a Tik Tok with the kids (only joking… as if they’d let you anywhere near Tik Tok!)

Moving from 'work' to 'home' mode is especially important for your well-being right now. I think we’d all agree that it’s not easy to log off and wind down at the end of the working day, but if the transition involves something that you can look forward to then you’re more likely to do it and succeed.

See it as a well-deserved reward for your day’s hard work. Because you’re worth it!

Want to help others? Please share your top tips for switching from 'home work' to 'home life'.

As always, this is an open invitation to drop me a line to share your thoughts about this blog, and indeed any other marketing topic that you want to discuss.

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