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case study: Scruffs Workwear

Learn how the owner behind True Blue Marketing drove a class-leading marketing campaign to create an iconic UK workwear brand that continues to outsmart the competition.

about Scruffs

Launched in 2003, Scruffs has grown rapidly in the UK to become a market-leading brand. Scruffs offers head-to-toe technical performance workwear, delivering durability, comfort and style, with the best value-for-money proposition, to tradespeople and skilled professionals who expect their workwear to look professional and work as hard as they do. The brand is recognised for its excellent product, technical performance and great design credentials, as well as, its high-impact, award-winning marketing.

marketing objectives

- Gain valuable insight into user behaviour and preferences to drive future product & marketing development.

- Develop and implement the 2018/19 annual strategic marketing plan for the Scruffs brand.

- Plan and execute an upscaled 2018/19 social media campaign, working collaboratively with partner agencies to drive standout product attribute and brand messaging.

⏵- Create a fully integrated marcomms campaign using PR, social, digital comms and events to launch new product ranges; develop supporting promotional brand collateral including online content, brochures and promotional merchandise.

⏵- Build a modular, attention-grabbing in-store merchandising solution that’s easy to manage for resellers and easy to shop for users to increase Scruffs’ physical reach.

⏵- Develop point-of-sale solutions to maximise product exposure in reseller stores & branches.


- Modest budget versus extensive output requirement.

- Deep-rooted reseller loyalty to competitor brands.

⏵- Reseller buy-in to new ‘never seen before’ in-store display system, plus limited space available for ‘takeover’ in stores & branches.

⏵- Landing simple-to-understand messaging on new product design & construction, which had shifted (driven by insight & technology) versus existing best-selling products.


⏵- Collective campaign drove record annual sales increases of 18%.

⏵- Extended Scruffs leadership ranking on 11 out of 14 key benefit attributes versus the competition.

⏵- Focus groups, online surveys and live trials delivered deep insight information that’s being used by product & marketing teams to develop innovative new products & marketing initiatives.

- Social media campaign: ...produced two of the most viewed pieces of branded content on Facebook during 2018, one of which achieved global number 1 ranking for sponsored content in Oct 2018 ...achieved 35 million views for the Scruffs brand with 1.6 million engagements (Likes, Follows, Comments, etc), and grew the brand’s Facebook page by 56% to 57k followers

⏵- Industry-leading ‘Scruffs Conversion Kit’ in-store modular display solution cut cost by 60% versus its predecessor, and gained new rollouts with national & regional customers - adding substantial infill & replenishment sales.

⏵- Innovative point-of-sale solutions with low-outlay buy-in deals created opportunities with new customers, some of whom had never sold workwear before, increasing the overall sales potential of the addressable market.

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